Black Hole

You remind me of being born.
Leaving a womb of soft glowing light,
traveling headfirst into a dark portal,
entering into an unimaginable somewhere else,
after which I’ll never return.

Paul’s Soulskine


When Paul woke up this morning, he found himself in unfamiliar territory.

He considered freaking out, but chose to frolic instead.

Paul's Soulskine

Sailing for Two

It’s not everyday unless it is everyday. Then, it’s every day.

Preview of upcoming Tom of Toms.Balance is Key x 6

Soulskine: Floating


A Navajo rug, into which there is sewn an imperfection. To prevent blasphemy against the Almighty. To allow the spirits to move freely. Presented truly, in vibrant blue, the story of a daytime.
Henry's amiss

Church and State

Who is it that is whispering into the ears of whom? The inner space, a throwback to the finite winter of 2008. You heard from a distant star, the walks of like had never been seen. The Aprils have showered, brought blossoms of flowers, the walks of like have yet to be seen.Church_and_State_by_andystrong

Henry Is Alive

Henry went wandering about outdoors. He exercised for longer than he had intended. Henry communed with those currently inhabiting other realms and fixed himself a bowl of his faaaaaavorite flavor.Henry is Alive