I had just begun these works and a space appeared to show them.

Spies Are Real, Whoa, Nice, Weather & Infiniti Rainbow Hands – early progress, circa early August 2012


I began working on these Tom Tom paintings in hopes of fulfilling my as yet unfulfilled promise to myself to create 111 Tom Toms. The intention was originally in regards to an absurd comic strip, The Adventures of Tom Tom, which celebrated hastily drawn bunny-men happily or aimlessly travolting in their mundane to strange daily affairs.

Tom Tom was born Tom, getting weird in the deserts of the Badlands with my NCSA classmate Chance on our post-college-graduation Fear And Loathing Across the Country Trip of a Lifetime. As simple as an interaction could be, I looked to my starboard side and spied a bunny, who was curiously curious about our giant intruder human affairs. We were perched on rocks next to the sunshine & he was in the shade. I immediately and thoughtlessly dubbed him “Tom.”

“Hi Tom,” I said. Chance and I laughed, he repeated, “Hi Tom.” We laughed. This repeated.

A simple joke for our two day tenure in South Dakota’s epic foreign wasteland known as the Badlands (insert advertisement for WALL DRUG here.) : we dubbed each animal Tom and called them by name as we wandered through the weird/wierd/weird landscape. All things became Toms: Lizards, birds, buffalo, bugs, and of course, bunnies. I reiterate that this was a Fear and Loathing type trip here, leaving out the details in case all of our mothers are trolling the internet to find this. (spies are real instance # 17)

One of the more memorable moments was getting entirely too close to a buffalo who was (unbenownst to me) guarding his (then unseen by me) herum/flock of other, gigantic multiple-ton buffalo beasts.

“tom!” I whispered to the buffalo, inching within conversational distance.

“get- away ! from him- nooooow!” whispered Chance. He could see what I could not, the herum-horde of others, waiting to be alerted to stampede around the hill that I could not see around and pretty much trample a super happy human to death.

Long Story Short, there’s the name Tom, Tom.

Messy Indoor Studio Space, circa a couple of weeks ago. I had actually just taken down my checklist that I am about to refer to, dang it.

So I decided, after reading some advice on making checklists with boxes to count off getting stuff done from Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist & keeper-upper of a firmly more established website, http://www.austinkleon.com, that I would overly ambitiously commit to 111 Tom Toms, and made this big checklist and decorated it. I made probably 3-8 more comics after making the checklist, admittedly intimidated by the thought of creating such a long-standing anything. So don’t take advice from Austin Kleon? Well, maybe. I am working to check off the boxes on my current project, which involves the larger scale paintings to fill in where the comics left off.

Since beginning the Tom Tom paintings in mid-to-late-July, through a chance meeting through a friend of a friend’s sister being in the gallery I am about to mention, I stumbled into/onto a place to show these new works, a space in downtown SF by the name of Gallery & Bar 4N5, and am in the process of facilitating a group show where (at least some of) the final Toms will debut on November 17.

Passion, Fashion, Weather Trilogy. Works in Progress circa mid-august 2012. Me excited to tell whoever will listen about my new project, and here we go.

Progress. In this photo you can see the 111 Tom Toms challenge check list next to the paint can on top of the cooler in my backyard, the bottom middle of the photo.

digital dust ezra 

the thought always returning,



music in the background,



records spin on analog lines,

but not this time,

not this time.

off to work.

love, andy