Another timely timeless update from the realm of Tom Tom. Just because his public adventures have been on hiatus, doesn’t mean that things haven’t been getting real real for Tom Tom and Leroy Tambourine. According to webcomic legend and as advertised in the softcover copy of “How to Make Webcomics” lent to me many months ago by Evan Winchester (Evan is a very understanding book lender) the standard thought is that the first 100 webcomics you make are just the starting point, a chance to find the voice of characters and solidify their world. Well, universe, according to the google search, “The Adventures of Tom Tom PianoFight”, this is the 21st web comic edition of The Adventures of Tom Tom. So take that, all, only 79 more torturously inane comics to go until things really start to heat up.

Aaaaaaand 78…



PS – J/K, J/K, no plans to make them less inane.