What the inside of my brain looks like

Well it’s no surprise

It’s not hand made

But by bodies together

Bringing life into one

How can it be otherwise?


Full Feeling.

It’s messy in here and tangled I hear

There’s more pain and sorrow

Than any one of us could care to


And yet I’m hungry and I have a little money

And this recession will make us rich

in all the things we love and lust, this

rumble is awakening-

This tremble wait and see,

A sea of storms are brewing

Here, inside this gentle electric


My brain and the f train

They might just be the same

My brain and the f train

They might just be the same

I’ll take it to the last stop

It’s my only way home from here,

These sweeping streets I’ll rise above

But not too high

And not too long

The wind will blow another tomorrow

my way,

And I’ll sing it’s next day songs.

“Hey, Hey, Back Door!” I was trying to help.


But driver kicked em all back out

The whole dang mess of hooligans,

Yelling and laughing into

sweet, sprinkling San Francisco


Spring is waiting

Winter’s waning