Of a long, hard day of sitting still. Who knew, inside a silver pocket, that anything could resonate inside itself? “I will not flail and wait, I will sit and watch, I won’t go backwards, I will move move move!” The distance between us is palpable, but you are coming home to me. The thoughts I hear and see and smell, the rip-roaring currents taking me down a simple street I’ve never been. The agony! The agony! Of doing what is unfamiliar, taking on these hills two at a time, listening for a voice that may never come calling again. “I’m here!” you always say, this morning, a day like every other, the sun rose, the parents awoke on the other side of the country. They went to church. I’m just guessing. It is Sunday. They used to go to church at least. I used to. Forgot. I used to forget. I use to forget. These minutia, little wands waving at me, these little bings of light dancing, these flickers, what are they could they be what what what? Is it my own eyes, the same scarred skin? I have a birthmark I didn’t notice until I was 19. Could that be true? Is it the mark of the beast like the 7th day adventists have printed on their billboards across town? On Lombard Street, near the Golden Gate Bridge, I swear I’ve seen them and I don’t mean the AntiChrists. Where are they hiding? These Seventh Dayers? Where do they say their prayers and are they as afraid and mad as their billboards? And of all places, I suppose San Francisco is least concerned with the AntiChrists. There are far too many options to get that far far down the list. That damn repetition. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. How is it that that clock can rhyme with the sound it makes? Like windshield wipers across an old tin plate? Like rainy day drops tin tin tin on the tin tin tin roof. That plate was just a coincidence. It’s tinniness. What we are really saying is the roof, that’s the trick, the whole kit and caboodle, it could just cave in. In to expectations. In to inviting. In to include someone we’ve found and known and seen before. Seen, in a Biblical sense, but not known.