Of equality. Of wise-reaching equality, standing on whichever side of history that we please, we are the present.

Like the naysayers of the past, these too are a dying breed, these too will soon run the realm of the extinct. The biblical rules notwithstanding, books written by old dead kings, you want the truth. History lies on the side of the victors, and the victory is already won. The mirror is set up to each of our faces and begs a question. You want the truth. Peace be with you.
The truth is before our eyes and ears and skin, our shining lips and teeth and tongues, our delightful olfactories. The truth is, the battle has long been won. If it has reached the deaf ears of our politicians and courts, with their faded human-ness reeking hollow on messy bones, if it has reached this far, the war has been fought and both sides are bleeding.
A national audience. Who is ready to admit they are wrong?
A hot topic in the pulpits of the fiery South.
Here, in San Francisco, a non-issue. Let them wear their leather on Folsom Street. Let them cut their hair short and wear tattoos on their necks and walk dogs and hold hands.
Let them marry?
Oh, but this is our institution, the straights, the rights, the path of righteousness, this is the institution of the Lord, I’ve read and heard.
                                                                     Let the institution rest.
Let it be heard, this day the sun rose for the earth. For the lights of love that shine do not choose their path.
If there is a Lord, a creator, then the creator has created this day, and us in union with it. We stand and speak in union, in unity. Not with sexual preference, but with humanness. The ability to be a human.
This infighting for the corpse of a savior, laughable.
Who could be this union, this unified, this walk on the grass with my best friend.
I have a wife. Were she a husband, I could love her no less. Go on and get on and move on! Remember history lessons of history repeating itself? Remember civil rights? Remember your great grandfather being on the wrong side of history. And what has he received for his mistakes, for his glory? Death. Like we all shall become.
Death: the recognition. The greatest gift of marriage is the til death do us part. The forced faced fear. The knowledge of it.
But for now. Life. Equality. It is so inherent and natural, the all are created equally. This is life & equality, such a moot point at this point, but not muted. Cannot be. With such color, every one of the rainbow. Give me pink and red and orange and yellow and blue. Lovely, delicate indigo. Give me the colors of life because they are precious and holy and golden.
Stand away from your religion, teach your religion which side of history it wants needs must be. The laws are being taught.
Marriage is an institution of taxes and titles. Love is the institution of love. Humans are the institution of humans and politicians are talking behind our backs or on national television.
What cannot be taken away is love. The willingness to recognize it. With or without sex. With or without forbidden kisses and touches. They are there. They can’t not exist. Agreed or disagreed, they won’t disappear to make room for petty false truths. How dare you ask, how dare you take away a right so rightfully right. An argument filled with itself.
Marriage is a lark, a laugh, a moment. The eternal is love. And when it touches, let it touch whomever it so pleases. Cupid cannot aim?
Marriage, what a human thing. It is built by humans for humans. To ease the maturation of the soul. To face the imminent death with or without partner. It is a soul journey we are on, in this human shell. The institutions can keep themselves.
The stance is open, the courts have and will be heard. The attention focused and diverted.
The life.
To give the life you have to another, this is a sacred path for any to walk.