Dear Friends & Family,

Newsflash! I want to give you, me. For the month of April, I will be updating           each day, in the form of music or poetry or illustration (or…?). Audio recordings will be housed at my noisetrade account, where you can grab a free download and even drop some money in a “tip jar.”

On top of creating, I will also be tweeting & instagramming updates (follow both @netheryonder.)

You are my people, you who are reading this. Myself is what I have to give. This is how I love to spend my time, creating on page, on screen, on stage, on the blank canvas of life and days.

I have the project’s first recording session at 7pm PST today, and I am excited to deliver you, my friends and family, a new piece of me each day. The showers have begun, we shall see what they sprout!

Love Sincerely,



PS – Also just found out that I am cast as an extra on a currently untitled HBO Pilot to be filmed in San Francisco. So there is some actual percent chance that you can see me on tv relatively soon.