Howdy Entire World, I know you are listening with ears wide open and insane anticipation.

It has been a day. I picked up a task on TR to put up some posters for a local summer camp, and in my travels I did these Top 10 Things I Did Today (in no particular order):

1) talked to a lot of strangers: this is a very good thing to do.

2) learned that it is National Poetry Month, what a coincidence cause I didn’t even know when I decided to post every day this month. And so far, it’s mostly poetry. I will work on recording Giant Bill for you Nicki.

3) Booked a time at the Bernal Heights Branch Library to do a reading in celebration of National Poetry Month. THANKS MEL!! So far the readers will be myself and Rob Ready. I am also hoping to rope in Evan Winchester to do an excerpt from his super awesome Novella, Autumn Monsters, which I just had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at and let me tell you, it is bloody awesome. Pun seriously intended. Also Adam Donnegan Fischer, who read poetry at my wedding and made me cry happy tears, maybe will also read, I need to call him and ask. Are you interested in coming? It’s ultra free. What about reading?  Also free. We will have music as well, and the only rules are that we cannot not invite everyone and we should be done by 8:30. I will be reading some original work that I’ve been posting here and Rob will be performing/reading “The Raven.” If you haven’t ever heard it in it’s entirety, it’ll be worth the awkward trip to the back of Bernal Heights.  The branch is on the super hip Cortland Ave, which I highly recommend as a place to eat and hang out in general. The reading will be on April 24th. We also have access to a projector and some a/v equipment. What the heck is National Poetry Month all about? We are going to figure it out.

Celebrate National Poetry Month!


APRIL 24th, 7:00PM. Bernal Heights Branch Library. 500 Cortland Ave.

4) Posted a press release Pianofight’s fearless leader (1 of 3) Rob Ready wrote on an upcoming show I am producing with aforementioned Pianofight, called Variety Show Death Match. April 12. Z-Below, SF. $10 tickets online. More info & tickets HERE and HERE.


VARIETY SHOW DEATH MATCH. April 12. Z Below. 8PM. $10/$15/$20.

5) Went into a lot of nail salons and got a weird headache but it went away. (This was for postering)

6) Took a shower and accidentally washed my famous shoulder. DANGIT! I really swore that I wouldn’t wash it since it might be on tv (it’s the right shoulder and I was an extra for an HBO pilot yesterday), BUT I forgot and washed it. But I’ll never forget famous shoulder. Also thought about ordering “ALWAYS REMEMBER FAMOUS SHOULDER” bumper stickers, but decided the market might not be ready for it… yet.

7) Played music on the street with Jay Dancing Bear. I wish I would’ve taken a picture, but I was too busy Fiddle-dee-dee-ing on his 12-string while Jay DB himself mused on the flute.


8) Talked with Zoel at Perch on Chenery St about putting some of Cloudship Creative’s screen printed greeting cards and postcards in his shop. He was excited and nice, even though I had nothing to really show him. Except I definitely could have shown him THIS cause it’s online and I have a smartphone. Also, Ariel is awesome. Buy some of her cards at the CC Etsy shop. Like us on FB. Which of the above links does which thing? You won’t know unless you click.

9) Currently saying hello to my favorite humans in Korea, Australia, Germany & the UK, who have somehow managed to find my blog. Thanks humans! Who are you?!? Spies are Real.

10) Wrote this poem, it has 14 lines but no strict scheme, so I will say it is a neo-sonnet.

“So Be It”


Waking before dawn

So be It

You Tourists

breaking bottles on my lawn

Sobe it

Pop Culture

Staring me in the face

we needs it

on television, on internet, on race

Time sees it

you foreigner, you epic and fair-feathered sparrow

We revel in your laughter,

Get thee into the night!

11) I am headed over to a friends to rehearse for Variety Show Death Match. She is playing cello, I am playing guitar. Current act title: Netheryonder String Quartet. See you soon Heather! Gonna record a rehearsal run and post it tomorrow.

mxl's dang!