Beware: Silly and Unsolicited Advice to follow:

Wallet Art 5The concept is simple. Draw or glue an image onto the back of your business card. Don’t have a business card? Well, when I started making wallet art, I didn’t either. I cut out cardstock into 2×3.5 inch rectangles and drew & pasted on them and viola! Wallet Art. It’s art for your wallet. Most everybody has a wallet, and almost no one has art in it. It’s a super untapped territory in the art world. I hesitate to even share it online cause right now I have almost no competition in this realm. But, hey, nobody is really competing with anyone but themselves.

Wallet Art 4

I always have a lot of variation in the cards, and they are always stubbornly hand-made. No two are exactly alike. And the vast majority of time, I run out of however many I have, cause they take time to make and they are limited in quantity. So far probably 100 or so people have my art in their wallet. I have Ariel’s art in mine. She is a top-notch artist.

Wallet Art 1

The more I’ve been doing it, the more there is usually a person around who already has some of my wallet art and is eager to show theirs off. My brother draws a giant mustache on his business cards, cause he has a giant mustache. People like personal items. People like hand made. People like you. Give them more of what they want. Give them more you. These have all been given a once over last night at a Cloudship Creative drawing party, I will usually also give them a little extra drawing or coloring on the spot, and I’ll probably go into these a few more times before they end up in someone’s wallet. In any case, here is some more me.

Wallet Art 3