Today marks the first shooting day of a short film I am working on. Also the first film where they let me talk a lot. My character is the protagonist of the story. His name is Olson.

What a strange feeling to go from ‘action’ meaning, “now you all sip your wine in the corner and mouth words but don’t talk” to ‘action’ meaning “20 people are looking at you, there is a camera and boom mic inches from your face, hit your mark, remember these three paragraphs and go!” It was fun and I am tired and we are doing it again tomorrow.


The shoot today was in Hayes Valley Farm, which is really awesome but soon it will be condos. It was interesting to hear how positively the folks at the Farm are dealing with the reality of being shut down. They hope to harvest seeds from their last crop to replenish seed banks around town. They are also transplanting their perennials to various locations around town. Their newest project is to put a farm in every one of San Francisco’s 49 square miles. Gardeners are resourceful by nature. Read more about them at

Also, I have never meditated before but did you know there are chill places to meditate in San Francisco? I learned this today. I think I should meditate. But is that anti-meditation, cause it is thinking? I think I should meditate.

It’s like good ole JC said, “experience is the teacher of all things.”


Do something for the first time. Celebrate the awesomeness of newness. It is scary, but fun. Five more days of shooting left. Film acting. Excited to get used to this. Going to sleep well starting right now.