Welp, it’s that time again. Time has passed and what have we done? With or without each other, at home or in far away lands, on stage, on screen, on philosophical ponderings, this has been my week, and wowzas, dang, etc. This week: there are actually 5 photos. To keep it interesting, I’ve numbered them 2-6.



2) Medeski, Martin and Wood at the Great American Music Hall. I had to really concentrate to get my phone out of my pocket, the music was so good, so intense, I felt like I was attending a master class in what happens when you go beyond 10,000 hours. I kept thinking “I’ll get a picture when they are in between songs because I don’t want to break my concentration from this for a second.” Except they basically never stopped playing. Their set list consisted of about 1/3 rehearsed tunes, transitioning between them with some of the most innovative acoustic improv I’ve ever laid ears on. The 3 men having musical conversation in front of a live audience was breathtaking, mesmerizing, and a host of other good things. Really a magical experience, highly recommended. Thanks Devin for the come up!


3) Trying to look tough enough to be tough-looking next to dudes that are actually tough looking. Cause tattoos and muscles do a really good job of making people look tough. Whereas just shading in your beard a little darker and messing up your hair… yeah, I could have probably tatted up and worked out for like 5 years if I was really method. On set at a bar scene for a crime reenactment show.


4) Ultra Marine Date with Ariel. We went to the Maritime Museum near our house and got to hang out on boats, including a tug boat and a boat that looks like a pirate ship, but was really a cargo ship. I learned things about being a sailor, like how glad I am that I am not a sailor and also how now both Ariel and I agree that we understand why people would become raging drunk pirates given the circumstances, which we read on placards and heard spoken of by authentic-looking guides, who were startled by Ariel ringing the giant bell at the hull of the pirate ship super loudly. Some things had signs on them that said “do not touch.” Some things may have new signs made for them.


5) The angry mob waiting for Evan to show up to read excerpts from his novella, Autumn Monsters. This is an excerpt from Netheryonder’s National Poetry month celebration. Pictured: Me, Rob Ready, and Adam Donnegan. If there was a big muscly tattooed guy standing next to us, he would have made us look like baby children, so don’t let us fool you into thinking we are tough.


6) This is not my father but he has the same name. Also he has 3 hands. Found in a library book making fun of actor’s head shots and resumes. I really love the library, especially since my fines got “taken care of” by the library mob. Thanks, library mob.