Paul’s Soulskine


When Paul woke up this morning, he found himself in unfamiliar territory.

He considered freaking out, but chose to frolic instead.

Paul's Soulskine

Soulskine: Floating


A Navajo rug, into which there is sewn an imperfection. To prevent blasphemy against the Almighty. To allow the spirits to move freely. Presented truly, in vibrant blue, the story of a daytime.
Henry's amiss

Henry Is Alive

Henry went wandering about outdoors. He exercised for longer than he had intended. Henry communed with those currently inhabiting other realms and fixed himself a bowl of his faaaaaavorite flavor.Henry is Alive


Headed for the doors? Not just yet, check out the news, stylin and profiling, Martin and Matilda coming through silent and clear, words to speak and ears to hear.Martin_and_Matilda_by_andystrong

Top 5 Photos of the Week

Here you are, Top 5 Photos of the Week Fanatics. This week, there are 8.


1) I ordered business cards for myself for the first time. I’ve had them through other people’s businesses and I’ve hand made some for myself, but this was the first time I dropped into some of that vistaprint cash. I would highly recommend getting yourself business cards. They are relatively inexpensive. You can hand them out to people and get their cards too. It’s like an adult version of collecting baseball cards, except instead of Mike Piazza rookies you get other people who have business cards. It’s pretty fun. Mine also double as Wallet Art.


1.5)  Wallet Art.IMG_4297

2) #manvan v. santa platform . #manvan picked up santa platform and put it right where it wanted it, thanks to Dan at Pianofight’s new space at 144 Taylor and Rob at Z-Below. With the help of Variety Show Death Match, Santa Platform transformed into Pope Caesar platform.


3) Saw this castle flag on the back of a Harley on a drive home from an audition this week. Did you know it’s the flag for Hamburg? I did not. Thanks Google. I may have never ever figured that out without you. Who else could I say “white castle red background flag” and they would just get it? Not either one of my brothers or my friend Adam. They aren’t as knowledgable as you, Google. No one is. No one needs to be. IMG_4353

4) Happiness on Mt. Tamalpais. That is Erika being awesome at flying. Every one else needs work. This turned out to be one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen and we all danced around with these blankets and yelled into the crisp April wind.


4.5) I am this happy while we are getting blown around by the wind and yelling to the sunset.


5) I honestly had no idea the other side of these statues looked like this. I’ve only ever seen them from the street side, but I took the fancy route walking to an audition, and lo and behold, this side looks really cool. Turns out it is the Villancourt Fountain. Google, dang bro, you are so useful.IMG_43646) I am not going to tell you why I am excited about this photo. Yet.

Top 5 Photos of the Week

Howdy Everyone and their Mothers,

A quick read on my week. I also realize there are 6 in my top 5. So you can decide which one doesn’t count. Maybe leave a comment with your explanation of why it doesn’t count?

IMG_4206 1) UFOs!!! Holy Cow, but seriously, there have been a lot of these military helicopters flying around SF lately. Ariel is convinced they were there because a race was happening. I am convinced this counts as Spies are Real instance # 222. What’s your thought? Leave a comment and let me know.


2) Rehearsal for Pianofight’s Variety Show Death Match with the Netheryonder String Quartet. There are only two of us, but if you dig string theory, then it’s mathematically correct. If you disagree, we could argue back and forth on the comment board. I am pretty weird to argue with though cause sometimes facts aren’t important to me. Thanks Cigdem! But seriously, try telling me I’m not made of vibrating little strings and I will tell you I’ll be made of light instead.


3) Ariel got into Mills College for Book Arts and Creative Writing. She chose Poetry as her writing emphasis. Hooray Ariel! Photo is from sharing time with faculty last night, where we met a ton of interesting people and I was in the same room with the most writers as I ever have been. That sentence sounds wrong. Don’t you judge me, writers who i was have been in the same room with being. Or do, and leave a comment with how that can be made English.IMG_42413) Dave Mihaly’s Shimmering Leaves Orchestra at the Revolution Cafe in the Mission last night. Dave Mihaly is a genius and friend. Press play & music will play. Leave a comment and I’ll share it with Dave.


4) Sketch from dinner at Mills College. Was thinking of making a sign like this for when I got hungry again. The napkin is all crinkled up now but if you want to buy it, lmk. Price is totally negotiable. If you think it sounds crazy to buy a napkin drawing from me, don’t worry, I’m just kidding. If you are contemplating buying it, I am seriously thinking it could be a solid investment… just sayin. One of One! Original!!! Excitement! Humor!

IMG_42425) Had a play date with aforementioned Mr. Dave Mihaly Friday morning. We went to the De Young Museum and had coffee and drew on a chalkboard they had on display, then enjoyed making some music and talking together back at his place over scrambled eggs and kale and water colors he made while on a trip through Asia. We just looked at the watercolors, but ate the kale and eggs. He also gave me a copy of the I Ching, which I know nothing about, but am about to find out about by reading some of the I Ching. Maybe I’ll share something about it later. As long as my famous shoulder doesn’t get in the way.